Zumanjaro Drop Of Doom construction just finished, and now adventure-seekers are presented with a lot more breathtaking action at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Having done with the Zumanjaro Drop Of Doom construction, rest assured Six Flags will once more be filled with countless people seeking for a ride with great thrills.

The Zumanjaro Drop Of Doom construction can also probably be called the world's tallest construction as Zumanjaro Drop Of Doom is the world's tallest drop ride. This latest summer attraction at Six Flags New Jersey turns up the temperature even further for adventurous vacationers. If you're one of those people looking for the next big, in this case literally big, thing, then the Zumanjaro Drop Of Doom is definitely made for you.

With the park completing the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom construction, Six Flags has now officially set the world record for the tallest drop ride. In this almost death-defying, heart-pumping and heart-stopping ride, passengers with brave hearts will be first hauled slowly 415 feet above land, giving passengers ample time to admire the view and think about what they are about to experience. After that, it's saying sayonara to fear as passengers are suddenly dropped back to earth at 90 miles per hour! Anyone who's brave enough to try this certainly deserves some bragging rights.

The Zumanjaro Drop of Doom construction, before it even began, was inspired by the African-themed Safari Off Road Adventure ride. Debuting just last summer, the ride's gondolas carry passengers straight up to the "Kingda Ka" coaster, another record-breaking ride. The Kingda Ka coaster has curves overhead which are driven through by cars, who then race by the vertical drop track at 128 miles per hour. This steel-made coaster replaced the "Rolling Thunder" last fall, a long-running wooden coaster.

Zumanjaro Drop of Doom construction has just finished at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, and now travellers can experience the same thrills as bunjee jumping off of a really high cliff, with harnesses of course.

To watch a teaser of the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom, see video below.