Mick Jagger net worth is in jaw- dropping dollar figures yet his long- time girlfriend's suicide issue over $6 million debts are all over the news.

Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger has been best known for his appearance in the music industry as the lead vocalist and co- founder of the band Rolling Stones. The 70 year- old singer was described to be one of the most famous and influential front men in rock and roll's history. Jagger's career that spanned for over five decades helped him achieve such great wealth.

Jagger's rock band, Rolling Stones has been performing since its breakthrough in the early 1960s until now. All that hard work in performing has actually paid off since Mick Jagger net worth eventually soar into millions. Moreover, it is not just the rock and roll singer's only source of wealth.

Mick Jagger also ventured into acting and film production. As he rose towards stardom, the music icon's image in the press became very much publicized as he admitted drug use and his romantic involvements with several women.

As Mick Jagger net worth mounted into millions, he also had high- profile relationships. He was first married to Bianca de Macias on 1971 until their divorce on 1978. The singer also dated Jerry Hall while still married to his first wife and the two were married on 1990 and also divorced on 1999.

Jagger has been romantically linked with other personalities which included Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon and Angelina Jolie. His latest relationship was with L'Wren Scott which started on 2001 until Scott's death on March 17, 2014.

Jagger's long- time girlfriend designer L'Wren Scott was found hanged in her apartment in New York. Stories of Scott committing a suicide due to $6 million dollars debt has spread all over the news. This angle of the story leaves a huge question since Mick Jagger net worth is way higher than her girlfriend's debts.

The singer was in Australia doing a concert tour with his band rolling Stones with the news of her girlfriend's death broke out. Mick Jagger net worth which was estimated to sum up to $305 million can possibly pay all Scott's debts and still leaving him a hundred plus millions.