Europe may be a long shot, especially to wanderlusts miles away from the continent, but we reveal the Top 5 Surprisingly affordable summer travel spots in Europe for the average traveler's convenience and fulfilment of dreams.

Top 1: Oslo, Norway

Oslo may be the world's most overpriced travel destinations according to sources: lists, surveys, and reports, but do not fret, for through determination and creativity, you too can reach this beautiful destination.

Of course, you have to be willing to settle for modest accommodations in the country to be able to do that.


1.   Start with for accommodations research.

2.  Appreciate simple and free attractions such as the Vigeland sculpture park or the Akershus Fortress.

3.   Don't go there late fall season as this is the time of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies. Accommodations reach their highest peak during this time.

4.  Drink a lot before coming to the place if you want to save. Alcohol is pricey in Oslo.


Top 2: Paris, France

Travelling in this country may be impossible to be considered inexpensive. A day spent in the place, even as a no-frills traveller may take up to $200. But there are other ways to save and enjoy this romantic destination.


1.   Live like a local. Opt for an apartment with a kitchen and a fridge instead of a hotel.

2. In line with an apartment, eat by cooking in your kitchen during most of your stay. You can still go out and enjoy some fine dining, but be warned that there are also mediocre options in the city.

3.   Get creative and explore the place other than the usual tourist's paths. Go for streets like the Champs-Elysees or rue de la Huchette. Here you'll discover better shopping and dining options.


Top 3: Zurich, Switzerland

Just like Paris, Zurich may seem like a long shot from being an inexpensive place to travel to. It is usually on the Top 3 of the lists of expensive cities in Europe. More than the expensive-looking sceneries, people who dwell and live in the place are amongst the highest-earning in the world. There is a way to get around the expensive travel notion of living in the city though.


1.    According to EuroCheapo, you can survive with a nightly hotel budget of about $170, and if you're willing to give up more luxuries, you can stay in for as low as $100, or even $89 a night.

2.  If you want to go sightseeing under a tight budget, go for ZurichCard. They offer oprions for budget friendly itineraries.

3.  Don't take a taxi. You can save loads by simply exercising and taking a walk amongst the city's beautiful sceneries. Also, you can try their free bike rides and cover more of the city in one day.


Top 4: Venice, Italy

Venice is a breathtaking place and may just be one of the most listed places to be in before anybody dies. It's no longer a shocker that it's considered one of the most expensive places in European destinations.

Three-Star Traveler Index puts an average traveler's daily cost for about $180. But with passion and want comes determination, and we hope these tips will get you around your Venice woes.


1.   Go for less central locations and find cheaper accommodations there. However, take care to include transportation costs before deciding.

2.  Eat like a local and opt for a bacaro. These are small bars in the place offering cheap yet delicious local snacks and cuisines like cicheti.

3.  Don't consider riding a gondola. Though these boats sound enticing and may offer a unique experience, they're extremely expensive and besides, there are other ways to explore Venice by water. If this ride is a must for you though, find a traghetto, large gondolas which carry several passengers at the same time.

4. In line with the gondola, if you want to see the city by water, consider a 24-hour travel card.


Top 5: Stockholm, Sweden

TripAdvisor's current TripIndex have put Stockholm as once again amongst Europe's most expensive. Add to that The Economist's Big Mac Index, where the destination's currency is above 36 percent the U.S. dollar.

Still, all hope is not lost. Follow our tips and get to live your Stockholm travel dreams.


1.   Opt for a hostel as accommodation. Be vigilant and you can find one with a private room and a private bathroom.

2.  Don't visit during the summer season. Stockholm hotels rise way high during summer. Try going there during the spring and fall for more affordable accommodations, and still get your Stockholm experience in fair daylight amounts.