An out-of-control 800lb snowball has wrecked a dorm in Portland, Oregon.  

Two math majors were building the snowball when it got out of hand, rolled down a hill and crashed though a dorm bedroom wall.

There were no injuries, but costs were estimated around $2-3000.  

The incident happened last Saturday night after a rare trio of snowstorms in Portland.  Students started building the giant snowball on a campus quad near the dorm.  Trying to make it as big as possible, the students rolled the snowball down a sidewalk that runs beside the dorms, where it got away from them.

The snowball, which measured 15 yards came rolling into a bedroom in unit #7, where three students heard it crash through the wall.  Nobody officially weighed the snowball, but it was thought to weigh about 800 pounds.  

The students responsible reported the incident and will not be disciplined.  They say they didn't intend to cause damage and feel awful about what has happened.

The snowball has become a Portland sensation after being profiled in the San Jose Mercury and The Portland Reed news.  

"It was not the talk of the campus until the story came out," said college spokesman Kevin Myers.  "The people that were there knew about it, but now it has kind of taken us by storm."