British Princes, William and Harry have been helping out citizens in Datchet, collecting sandbags and altering flood defences.  

The two princes formed a human chain to help unload sandbags from an Army vehicles as they helped the armed forces defend Datchet from the floods.  William and Harry are both members of the British armed forces.  

The princes visit was low-key and unannounced, and they spent no time wading knee-deep into the floodwater to help people.  

Their visit has been very "well received" by the people of Datchet and the parish clerk spoke very highly of them, saying: 

"They were very involved and wanting to know what was going on. They are very natural.  To be honest, they could have walked in among people here, and nobody would recognise them, the way they are dressed. " 

The young Royals, dressed in waterproofs and wellingtons, but have not been enjoying the media attention their visit has brought. 

When asked if he was enjoying helping, Prince Harry said to the press "Not really, with you around." 

While Prince William suggested the reporters should "come and help instead of throwing your cameras around!" 

The Princes turned up at 7am to start helping out in one of the worst-affected areas of the recent UK flooding.