Loved-up on Valentine's Day? Want to kiss in the back row of the cinema with your loved one? Well this single Chinese guy's not  gonna stand for any more of your loved-up antics! 

A bitter, single guy has ruined Valentine's day for film-buff lovers in Shanghai by booking every second seat at one of the city's cinemas in order to stop them sitting together at blockbuster hit "Beijing Love Story."

In a bid to show how totally fine he is with not having a date, the man, who broke up with his girlfriend last year, bought tickets to make sure no couples could sit together, urging others online to do the same. 

Other bitter singletons soon followed-suit and started booking the rest of the odd-numbered seats in the entire cinema.  

The man, known only as "UP" had previously tried this himself, with no luck, so the self-described 'nerd' used the internet to recruit a group of other bitter singles, setting up a crowd-funding site that managed to pool resources and buy the tickets. 

"UP" then posted an online message in true supervillain style: 

"Want to see a movie on Valentine's Day? Sorry! You'll have to sit separately! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Give us singles a chance!" 

One Chinese blogger had some advice for the lonely wannabe supervillain, however, commenting: 

"It's no wonder he can't find a girlfriend if he spends all his time doing this..."