48-year-old man Weiqing Peng has been locked inside a cage by his mother in Zhengzhou, Central China. 

When Weiqing was 6-years-old, he suffered a high fever, which caused brain damage, which seriously altered his behaviour.  This led to him developing epilepsy, and having frequent epileptic fits.  

Mrs. Peng recalls he would cut himself with a knife and glass debris and hit his face off the floor until it bled.  So due to fears her boy would seriously hurt himself and without enough funds for professional medical care, Mrs. Peng and her husband locked their son inside a metal cage, with Mr. Peng adjusting the size as the boy grew.  The Pengs feed their son through the metal bars. 

While some people see it as incredibly cruel, Mrs. Peng insists it was the only way to keep her son alive and protected.  Now, age 80 and with her husband dead, she is worrying what will happen to him if she dies and has appealed for someone to come forward and care for him in the future.  

With no social skills or previous interaction with the outside world, and knowing no way to look after himself, Weiqing is now in serious danger unless someone comes forward to look after him.