Pinup girls as we know them today actually date back to the 1940s and World War 2.  GI's would 'pin-up' pictures of glamorous film stars like Betty Grable to remind them of home and give them motivation. 

During the 1950s, models such as Bettie Page brought bondage into the world of pinup photography, but it was still all done with a cheeky sense of fun and innocence which defines the pinup genre. 

There has been a massive resurgence of interest in the world of pinup recently.  One of the leading ladies in this movement is Bianca Bombshell, a curvy beauty who exudes confidence and sexuality, but still manages to maintain the playful innocence of a bygone era.  When I spoke to her about long-gone eras, first-time modelling and how she stays so confident in the limelight, it soon became apparent that Bianca's not just a pretty face...

What inspired her to take up modelling in the pinup genre?

"I was attracted to retro pinup girls because of the class women had back then," she says.  "Rather than showing skin, they showed their shape.  Somewhere along the line, I think that was lost, and I think I wanted to get back that level of classy lady in my own life.  Of course, I love the lingerie and stockings too!"

Modelling can be a great way to build up confidence, even if the only audience to begin with is you.  Bianca advises:  "Be Brave! Don't let anything hold you back.  This is your life, make it what you want.  The only thing holding you back is your own fear.  So live your life, enjoy every minute of it!"

"Some advice if you are shy is to take self-portraits, aka selfies." says Bianca.  "They will help build your confidence, and teach you about the angles of your face."

We all suffer a confidence crisis now and again, so I wondered how Bianca managed to exude so much confidence, especially as a public figure?   She left me with these wise words:

"To me, all of my confidence came from the realization that we are all one, my thoughts affect my body and in turn others.  If you need to find confidence, look within yourself for strength, not the outside world.  When you see that all you need in life is a strong mind, and love, you'll be radiant with the confidence that shines from you."