A sell-out gig by 'the world's best DJ' has been cancelled at the last minute over crowd safety fears amid Edinburgh's latest high-profile drug deaths and a mass binge-drinking and drug-fest at his last gig in Belfast.

Hardwell, real name Robbert van de Corput, was last year voted at the number one DJ in DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs poll, making him the youngest ever to top the list aged 25.  

Thousands of people were set to attend the 'I am Hardwell' gig at Ingliston Royal Highland Centre tomorrow night.  

100-plus young people were treated for the effects of alcohol and drugs at his Odyssey Arena gig in Belfast, with the problem being so bad, a major incident was declared and hospitals were put on standby, with extra staff put on to cope with the influx.  

The cancellation also comes after a young girl, Regane McColl, died in Glasgow last weekend after taking an ecstasy pill at the Arches nightclub.  Several other people were taken to hospital on the same night from the same batch of drugs.  

A statement from the gig promoter, Colours, confirmed the gig had been cancelled on the Hardwell Facebook page after police and council meetings.  

However, fans who had already made travel arrangements and booked hotel rooms were left angry at the decision.

Scott Kelman said: "This is an absolute disgrace, telling us this the night before, majority of us have bought hotel rooms, organised work off, organised buses and our travel, and you decide to cancel the event just because of something that happened in another country - that doesn't mean it's going to happen here!"

And Grant Linton said: "Cancelling an over 18's event due to what happened at an over 16's event is a disgrace. You lot should be ashamed." 

Colours revealed that they themselves only found out shortly before it was announced to fans