'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham is releasing yet ANOTHER sex tape, called 'Farrah 2: Backdoor and more'.. Stay classy, Farrah.

The tape will, of course, be the sequel to her first adult video, 'Backdoor Teen Mom' with porn star James Deen.

The second tape will be released on February 13th. It apparently includes footage from the first sex tape, but will still be an 'entirely different movie'.

Farrah Abraham recently claimed to be finished with the adult film industry, complaining that the sex tape (that she starred in, consented to and got paid for...), ruined her life as she was 'drugged and raped repeatedly' during her time as an adult film star. That'll be why she was so upset, she had to immediately film a sequel, then.

Farrah Abraham was famously caught lying by one of her 'Couples Therapy' castmates. Farrah maintained that her original sex tape mysteriously fell into the hands of distributors, but she was caught mid-lie in a moment on the show: Abraham mentioned a camera person filming her and her alleged boyfriend (who later claimed he was paid to act out the role). A castmember points out: "You did just literally say Camera Person."

Abraham then backtracks by saying: "There was never any other person around us when we had sex."
Will Abraham claim this tape was an accident, as well?

And what do yu think about these star sex tapes, reader? Is it just me, or is it becoming a little boring now?

Does anyone actually care?

If you don't know who she is, here's Farrah arguing with Dr. Phil.