A 38-year-old mom from Florida has been arrested for trying to pimp her 15-year-old daughter out to Super Bowl fans in New York.  

Yolanda Ostoloza dragged her daughter almost 1500 miles in order to cash in on fans visiting New York for the Super Bowl.  And her sick admission on court papers show she had a twisted plan in mind: "We came up here to work and make money with a pimp.  I knew it was for escorting and prostitution. I thought my daughter was just gonna do fetish stuff." 

Vice detectives pretending to be clients arranged to meet the daughter at a hotel to perform a sex act for $200.  It was only when they told her she was going to be arrested that she admitted her mother's plan.  She told cops her mother was waiting for her at another hotel, where they found and arrested her. She's currently being held at Riker's island and is scheduled for court on Monday. 

The cops have had their hands full lately in New York with sex rings amping up their business in preparation for the flood of fans descending on the city of the Super Bowl.  The gangs are attempting to capitalise on the drunk big-spenders who will be staying in the area for the game.  

18 people have recently been charged with a high-end prostitution ring in Manhattan.  The Korean-born ringleader Hyun Ok Yoonung, 41, was arrested at her home in Long Island.