A Back To The Future musical is set to hit the West End in London and could move to Broadway if it's a success.  The musical will arrive in time to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary.

The Back To The Future Musical, based on the successful 1980s sci-fi comedy franchise directed by Robert Zimeckis, will be created by Zimeckis and original writer Bob Gale.  Music and lyrics will be provided by composer Alan Silvestri and producer Glen Ballard.  No cast has been announced, yet.  

The original Back To The Future movie saw Marty McFly travel back to his hometown circa 1955 with his scientist neighbour, Dr. Emmett Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, in the Doc's modified DeLorean car.  In 1955, he gets caught up in the romantic affairs of his teenage parents.  The franchise has been a huge hit and reamins a cult classic to this day.  Two sequels followed in 1989 and 1990.  

Gale says the musical will be "true to the style of the film without being a slavish remake".  

"We intend to use music from the movie along with brand new songs.  We intend to make a Back To The Future musical that is fresh, exciting and takes advantage of all the exciting things that can now be done on stage." 

The original film has an excellent musical repertoire, inclduing the film's theme song 'The Power Of Love' by Huey Lewis and The News and the film's finale, which sees McFly perform 'Johnny B. Goode' at his parents' prom night.

The musical joins an illustrious lineup of screen-to-stage musicals and spin-offs, such as The Lion King, Wicked, Legally Blonde and Dirt Dancing.