Pennsylvania funny man Josh Sankey has decided to attempt a cross-country trip which will start in New York and end in Los Angeles. Funny thing is, he has decided to use America's number one breakfast meat as his way of pay. Three thousand pounds of bacon to be exact, uncooked of course.

So why bacon you ask? Sankey tells us that he is actually making this trip to help promote the infamous bacon producer, Oscar Mayer.

Sankey, who hails from New Castle, is being followed by a professional film crew to document this spectacle. I mean, who would not want to see exactly what this whole challenge entails right?

The trip began on September 9th in New York and he has until September 23rd to reach LA to complete the challenge, bacon in tow.

In his travels, Sankey has been able to finagle some good trading with his meaty currency. While in New York, he was able to grab a cab ride and pay for it with, you guessed it, bacon. The craziest trade that he made was for six bricks of bacon, he was able to snag a pair of Jet's tickets!

When it came to catching some sleep, Sankey looked to his Twitter friends who set him up with a place for the night. In addition to trading bacon for football games and cab rides, he was able to "buy" such necessities like food, gas and the occasional wine and homemade moonshine.

Now this sounds completely strange, but taking on a challenge such as this, Sankey has acquired 3,200 Twitter followers and 735K followers on Oscar Mayer's Facebook page.

To date, Sankey has traveled to New York City, East Rutherford, N.J., Hagerstown, Md., Charleston, W.Va., Lesage, W.Va., Louisville, Ky., and Chicago, IL.

Looking to help Sankey complete his bacon barter challenge? You can contribute by visiting, or through their Facebook or Twitter page.