Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 1 episode 13 is perhaps the most thrilling and action-packed episode in the entire series thus far. For one thing, it will feature a number of new characters, protagonists and antagonists alike. Furthermore, our agents will go on a mission that aims to unfurl the mystery behind Clairvoyant. Sounds interesting, eh? Sadly, we won't be seeing our favorite show air tonight on ABC. MAOS is currently on another hiatus after airing two episodes following its winter break.

According to Fansided, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is taking another break and it's going to last for two weeks. Thus, the show is returning on its primetime airing come February 4, 2014. Mark your calendars as early as now, so you won't miss its returning episode. Meanwhile, we can't help but wonder why ABC has decided to put the show on another hiatus since it's already picking up the pace and is already getting much attention from viewers. The network has not released a statement on this as of late. Tune in on ABC when the show returns or simply watch Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 1 episode 13 stream using the free online stream link we will be providing by then.

Although we won't be seeing an all-new episode this week, ABC revealed that fans will not miss its weekly dose of the show as it has already decided to air episode 12 this Tuesday night. If you missed that episode or if you simply want to watch it again on primetime television just tune tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

Meanwhile, although the show is still far from its official air date, we already have some interesting bits and spoilers to watch out for when it officially returns. The title of episode 13 is "T.R.A.C.K.S.," and show fans will surely be surprised on what's in store for our characters. While the previous episode already introduced super villain Donnie Gill and the awakening of Mike Peterson, some interesting things are about to happen when more characters from the Marvel Universe enter the show. For now, spoilers on the show tease that we will finally see Deathlok, Lorelei and Lady Sif joining the series. Fans might even be surprised that Mike Peterson is actually Deathlok. The transformation wouldn't be as shocking though since it was already hinted in the previous episode when Petereson lost his leg. Meanwhile, Lorelei and Lady Sif from planet Asgard will enter the show through an interesting storyline. Elaine Satine will play Lorelei while Jamie Alexander is going to reprise her big-screen role as Lady Sif. Don't miss the all-new episode when it airs. Tune in on ACB come Feb. 4, at 8/7c, or watch Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 1 episode 13 stream through the free online stream link we will be posting by then.

Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that legendary comic book writer and editor Stan Lee is going to make a rare appearance on the show's upcoming episode. As of late, nothing has been said about Stan Lee's character except for him playing a "big role" the entire season through. In a recent interview with Zap2It, showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen dished a few things about the show including the idea that it is now accelerating at a faster rate. Whedon quipped, "No one should expect anything. You've just got to watch it! With no expectations."

The official synopsis for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 1 episode 13 reads: "Hot on the trail of the Clairvoyant, Coulson and his team board a mystery train that seems to be headed for certain death."

"T.R.A.C.K.S." is set to air this February 4, at 8/7c on ABC. Watch Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 1 episode 12 stream using the free online stream link we will be provided when the show officially returns. For now, if you want to catch up on your favorite show, you may watch the latest episode of the series through this Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 1 episode 12 "SEEDS" free link.