Google are offering a prescription lens option to Google Glass, so now you can assure yourself that your ridiculously expensive piece of novelty hardware is also functional.  

In what is, come on let's be honest, a brilliant marketing move, Google are looking to add a practical use to the technological range of their Google Glass.  Google are offering quite cool titanium hipster frames for their Glasses for an extra $225 on top of their $1,500 base price.  

The lenses will be available in both normal prescription and tinted lenses, catering from +4 to -4 blurry-eyed users.  They will also be subsidised by VSP, a visual health insurance company.  The frames take the glasses from looking like you've just walked off the Starship Enterprise to a reasonable pair of glasses you would actually wear in the street.  

Experts are now predicting that embeddable electronic implants are around 3-5 years away.  Users will have the choice of ingesting them, tattooing them or implanting them into a tooth.  Fashion and function have long been issues for computer companies looking to shed their nerdy images and adapt into the 'cool' mainstream, as Apple have seemed to achieve when they hired Angela Andrehts, former chief executive of Burberry, to oversee retail.