I can't wait for the spring, when the days get longer and it's slightly less than cripplingly cold.  There's nothing better than seeing the trees blossom and the world coming alive again after winter.  If you're looking forward to booking a spring trip, then consider one of these places, where springtime is the optimum time to visit...


'Hanami' (flower viewing) is a Japanese custom of reflecting on the transience of life through viewing the cherry blossom trees.  This means special hanami parties, where residents don beautiful kimonos and hanging beautiful lanterns in the trees for night-time viewing, with plenty of sake being drunk during the celebrations.  The festival happens every year from March-May.

St. Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands

If you've been down with the blues this winter, then book a trip to St. Thomas in April and blast away your winter blues in the best possible way - with a Caribbean carnival! Starting on the 7th of April and lasting through until the end of the month, the carnival has everything you need for your first trip of the year; traditional games, fireworks, parades, Caribbean music and dancers. 


Yes, I see you rolling your eyes, but Paris in the spring is so popular for a reason.  Wander around the many parks as the trees and flowers bloom, especially beautiful are the cherry blossom trees near the Arc de Triumph.  Outside the city, be sure to visit the spectacular gardens of Versailles palace and sit outside and people-spot as the cafes open up their outside terraces for the first time since the summer.


If you've ever been keen to visit Monaco, but balk at the huge crowds of tourists, then try visiting in the spring, before the Grand-Prix.  You'll still get the full Monaco experience, like walks along the jetty and viewing the yachts, as well as most of the good weather, without the large crowds and high-premiums the hotels tend to charge.  Actually, this is a good tip for visiting almost anywhere; visit in the spring and you could save quite a bit of money.

These are just four suggestions of optimum places to travel to in the spring.  Have you visited anywhere that's beautiful in the springtime? Tell us all about it and leave a comment below.