So you haven't got a date or a partner for Valentine's and you're dreading seeing all those happy couples loved up, especially your ex splashing photos of their new lover all over Facebook? 

Don't worry; I'm right there with you.  This year's different though; since I've started to stay off the relationship radar out of choice, it's given me time to appreciate being single.  And this year, I'm actually looking forward to Valentine's Day as a single girl...

Apart from the obvious advantages of being single, like not having to put up with someone else's crap and going on your travels whenever you feel like it without the responsibility of having commitment in your life, the illusion this holiday creates is one of a perfect romance.  Now think carefully; how many romances do you know that are the way Valentine's paints it? Nada. Some, in fact, are far from it. Painting the illusion of a happy relationship so you're not alone on Valentine's will not magically make it so.  Would you rather be free and happy, or be miserable with someone you're just sticking it out with and have to paint over it with a hollow façade?

Today is the day when you're allowed to be selfish.  Go and do something that makes you happy, whatever that is, even if it's considered a bit 'out there' (hey man, I'm not one to judge what people do in their spare time!).  Thank your lucky stars that you don't have to accept some last-minute gift and use the money you'd have spent to buy something beautiful that you really want.

Fall in love with yourself, and let yourself do whatever you want.  Whether it's trawling the museums and having an ice-cream lunch, a weekend in a city you've always wanted to visit or just slinking around the house in your sexiest underwear while blasting some of your favourite music.  Realise that romance is far from the only kind of love.

Being single also means that you can flirt with whoever and however many people you like and score a hot date just for Valentine's Day. They may not be Mr. or Ms. Right, but you can have fun without the commitment of a relationship until you find someone amazing; someone who's worth the wait.

What are your plans for Valentine's? Whether you're loved up or independent, let me know!