History fans rejoice, you can now buy a night in a legitimate East German Bunker.  Part of a 'historic reality' experience, you can spend a night in a bunker for 109 euros and dress in a National People's Army Uniform while living the experience as a true East German soldier.

This historic 'bunker museum' in Rennsteighoehe near the eastern city of Ilmenau can hold a large group of people.  Visitors are treated to a full historical experience, including being given their own ID cards and dog tags.  The stay also includes various historical talks about the weapons and artefacts held in the museum, as well as a chance to live a day in the life of a real East German soldier. 

Historically accurate right down to the meals, history fans can help prepare era-appropriate food and take part in an appeal and regimental training through the nearby pine forest, under the watchful eye of the museum's very own sergeant-major. 

People from all walks of life take part in this quirky holiday adventure, but expect something far from luxurious! Guests sleep in the modified bunker, and even this is historically accurate, down to the thin sheets and mattress. If you're willing to forego luxury in place of a little bit of 'character-building', you may want to check out this quirky experience on your next trip to Europe.