Back in the day, traveling to Europe is one of the most expensive trips one can ever make. Nowadays, more affordable opportunities make their way to wishful travelers the world over.

Two of the cheapest airlines one can book for a head start to Europe are easyJet and Ryanair, which cater to as many flights as possible all over the continent. Other smaller niche airlines are more area-specific, with German Wing and Condor are situated in Germany while Wizz Air is stationed in Eastern Europe.

Travelers can now book flights to Europe via easyJet and Ryanair between $50-$250, prices of which used to be double back when budget travels to Europe weren't as popular. At times when the deals are almost too good to be true, Ryanair offers European flights for less than $30.

Such offers are indeed tempting to many budget travelers, especially now that there are a lot of events lined up in Europe for the year, including Tour de France, one of the biggest Ibiza parties in a new seaside Hard Rock Hotel, the Sochi Olympics, among many others.

Booking fast and cheap

While the two airlines offer low cost flights almost all year round, travelers still need to keep in mind that there are different ways to make one's flight the cheapest it can be.

First is to books as early as possible. Subscribing to the airline's updated newsletters and exclusive offers will also save travelers the time of researching exhaustively. If flight sales aren't in season, Skyscanner is an efficient vessel for finding the best current flight deals. Other trusted search engines are Dohop, Kayak and Momondo.

Other things budget travelers need to keep in mind is to be wary of each step (and click) they take while booking online. Fees are added and they can go unnoticed for someone who's booking way too fast without un-checking certain items like "meals", "seat numbers" and more.

Tourists who are set to make their way to Europe should remember that being practical is the best manner to go, as it is one of the most expensive places to be in. A good start is being able to book the most affordable and convenient flight one can manage.