Traveling in a foreign country for the first time is an exhilarating experience. While many can easily get lost in the beauty of the Berlin Wall, the Pantheon or the public markets of Denmark and Norway, its important to be aware of what one should NOT do while in a new city.

Here are some important things first time travelers need to remember.

1. Don't hail a cab.

Cabs can be very expensive, especially when you're coming from the airport or hailing one in London. The cardinal rule is to take public transportation not just because it's cheap but also it's quicker, especially during rush hours. In Paris, take the metro or in London, the world-renowned Tube. When you land in London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt, take the train.

Hailing a cab can also get tricky, especially the amount of tourist scams happening all over the world.

2. Don't always pay for sights to see and things to do.

Instead of getting stuck in a London double-decker bus in traffic, go for free walk tours instead because the only payment you can choose to make is a small tip for the tour guide.

Sandemans Tours in Berlin offers free tours as well as free tours in Northern Europe and Yellow Free Tours in Northern Europe. These aren't just basic tours. Trained and experienced tour guides can make any traveler be fascinated with all the attractions and even offbeat locations worth visiting.

3. Don't forget to go off track.

It's easy to be in El Centro and seeing all the major attractions of Madrid but there are those narrow alleyways, almost-secret places only locals know where one can truly experience what it's like to be in the city.

Paris has a lot of tucked away cafes and restaurants where tourists can easily meet and mingle with locals with priceless tales to tell. First time travelers shouldn't be afraid to go off track and experience entirely something else.