Known as one of the most powerful cities during the medieval times, York remains as the wondrous walled city people admire to date. While the place may have been established as a fort, York has now built up an exceptional reputation among drinkers worldwide.

Visiting York wouldn't be complete without experiencing the pubs the city has to offer. Here's a list of the best bars to get sloshed in while in the great city of York.

1. The House of Trembling Madness (48 Stonegate)

This pub is every drinker's dream come true. Not only does the House of Trembling Madness (or better known as HoTM) exude a 12th century charm. It boasts of over 600 stocks of beers any alcohol adventurer could easily get crazy on.

Whether it's a shot of 70%-alcohol Dutch brewer 't Koelschip's or the famed Japanese Hitachino Nest Classic Ale, this bar has practically got everything to satisfy a drinker's palette.

While the prices of beer may range from cheap to quite expensive, guests can trust that there's great value food to balance out the alcohol.

2. Brigantes Bar & Brasserie (114 Micklegate)

This bar may look plain and clean with it's white washed walls and a few hints of blue but for anyone who's looking for a good time whilst drinking good beer, Brigantes Bar & Brasserie levels up with the competition.

Boasting of seven craft beers and ten hand-pulls concentrate of various Yorkshire breweries, the triple B bar is a haven for all sorts of drinkers. If guests are feeling a little adventurous, this pub houses Mo Hops, a bitter beer as well as creative craft beers that just hit the spot.

This is one of the most loved pubs York has ever known and a trip to the city won't be complete without it.

3. Bluebell (53 Fossgate)

Bluebell is known as the oldest pub in York but it can be quite unforgiving during the weekends because it's quite small, the owner usually has to put "private party" outside when the house gets full.

This pub has garnered enough regulars to keep the place filled up and despite the sign outside. This is why tourists need to make sure they come in and get the pub's top continental beers midweek or just a tad bit earlier than the drinking schedule.