The Brazil World Cup 2014 draw is officially over and participating countries or teams already found out which teams they are competing against for the upcoming summer World Cup in Brazil.

For England Manager Roy Hudson being pitted against Italy, Uruguay, and Costa Rica in Group D could be both a good and a bad thing. For one, Hodgson's players will open their first game against Italy in Manaus on June 14, a Saturday. Hodgson may be a bit apprehensive especially that his players are to play in the Amazon where conditions would most likely be a challenge for his men.

"The tropical nature of Manaus is the problem. I'm just mouthing what everybody has been saying to me," Hodgson said in one of his interviews after the draw, according to Mirror. Because of Hodgson's comment, the Mayor of Manaus voiced out his displeasure saying that he is hoping that a better and more polite team is drawn to his city.

After England's first game against Italy, its player's must then head to Sao Paulo for its game against Uruguay one June 19 and continue to Belo Horizonte for its match against Costa Rica on June 24.

The Brazil World Cup 2014 will somehow be a very tough challenge for England, who is pitted against countries that have shown strong triumphant potential in the past. From the Uruguay team alone, they have Luis Suarez and the Paris Saint-German star forward Edinson Cavani, who are tested and proven assets for England's 2nd opposing team. Meanwhile, Costa Rica has also displayed strong contender antics when it thrashed Scotland at the 1990 tournament.

The emerging qualifiers from England's team will then advance in the Brazil World Cup 2014 to play against those from Group C comprising Colombia, Ivory Coat, Greece, and Japan.

Elsewhere, in group B, Spain was drawn against Chile, Holland, and Australia. As for the host country, Brazil, its team have been drawn against Mexico, Croatia, and Cameroon in Group A. Brazil will be pitted against Croatia in the opening game of the tournament come June 12.

On the other hand, Group E is composed of Switzerland, Ecuador, France, and Honduras while Group F is composed of Argentina , Bosnia-Herzegovia, Iran, and Nigeria.

USA was drawn against Germany, Portugal, and Ghana in Group G. Finally, Belgium, Russia, Algeria, and South Korea are drawn into Group H in the Brazil World Cup 2014.