The Starboard Bar in Dewey Beach, Delaware has a unique feature, with a hands-free video game system connected to the urinals, according to USA Today.

The bar has a pair of urinals that are outfitted with a hands-free video game system that allows men using the urinals to control the cartoon character in the game with their urine stream. It works via sensors that are built into the basin, which allows men at the bar to control an on-screen video game.

The game does cause the side effect of creating a mess in the urinals.

"I really don't think they need any help getting any piss on the floor of The Starboard," Brent Rohm, a regular at the bar, said. He works at a local company and has used the urinals in the bar.

The game was created by the U.K.-based company Captive Media Ltd., which calls the urinal games the "world's first contact-free, networked, interactive washroom media system."

Users playing the game are more focused on where they are urinating, so there is less of a problem with it ending up on the floor, according to the company. After having the games in his bar for a couple of months, bar owner Steve Montgomery agrees.

"Conversation pieces is what The Starboard is for me," Montgomery said. "Anything that will put a smile on somebody's face, I will spend money on.

"The funny thing is watching the women try to sneak into the bathroom to see them," Montgomery continued.

Marketers have been targeting customers in the bathroom for a long time through advertisements posted above urinals or through using digital screens that run commercials.

"When I first saw it, I didn't know what it was, but once I started going to the bathroom, it automatically started and I figured it out," Rohm said. "It's pretty hilarious."

Video from Captive Media covering the video games in Britain.