A new site if offering a service that helps dog owners find local and affordable pet-sitters when they are out of town, according to ABC News.

The site, DogVacay.com, has announced a $15 million investment in Series B funding that will help the company expand and enhance their offerings.

"The capital will be used to further improve our customer experience and our technology," Aaron Hirschhorn, the co-founder and CEO of DogVacay. "We'll continue to scale our DogVacay Concierge, which connects pet parents with specific requests to the perfect host for their pup - even for dogs with special needs or behavioral issues - and our customer support team, which is available to pet parents 24/7."

The site offers over 10,000 available hosts throughout the nation. DogVacay is also the first company to launch an app to connect pet owners to local dog sitters. Many of the hosts are also professional sitters or have extensive experience caring for dogs, a representative for DogVacay told ABC News.

Dog owners are also covered by insurance protection as well as emergency support, according to a representative. The company puts limits on the number of dogs a sitter can host at one time to three. This limit is to ensure the dogs received proper personalized care and freedom to walk around, instead of being confined to kennels.

"DogVacay's momentum since we originally invested is similar to the trajectory we saw in other marketplace companies such as eBay, Yelp, Uber and GrubHub," Bill Gurley, the general partner at Benchmark, who is also a member of DogVacay's board of directors. "The remarkable organic traction of its marketplace shows no signs of slowing down, and we're delighted with the impressive trajectory that lies ahead."

This service is somewhat similar to Airbnb, the service that allows people to offer their apartments for short terms rentals, only instead of people renting a room or apartment, it is dogs finding caregivers for a short time.

Video from DogVacay.com telling users how the service works.