A modern water park has opened in Afghanistan, according to NBC News. It is unlike most waterparks, however, as the very conservative country doesn't allow women into the park.

The park is located inside a building in central Kabul, in a non-descript building. It allows men to relax in their swimsuits, something that would never be allowed with women in the very conservative society.

"They have really built a very good pool," Fahim Maeel, a company manager, said.

The creators of the $5 million water park are among the few people that aren't nervous about foreign combat troops leaving the country after 2014.

"When we decided to build this place, we knew that 2014 was to come," Mahmod Najafi, a manager and shareholder of Kabul Water Park. "For us, 2014 doesn't mean anything."

Najafi and three partners pooled their cash together a little more than a year ago, when they built the venue on a 2,300 square meter plot of land located near the parliament building.

The park has towering slides and a huge wave pool that are enjoyed by park visitors.

The average wage in Kabul is only about $50 a week, allowing the middle class to afford the admission price to the park, which is 500 Afghanis, the equivalent of $9.

"I am really proud when I see such developments," Fahim Khan, a 26-year-old university student, told NBC News.

The facility is very popular. It can handle up to 1,000 visitors at a time. It also contains a restaurant, whirlpool, sauna and lavish play area for young children, which also includes girls. In Afghanistan, girls are allowed to mix with boys until age 10.

The play area is set up like a mini water park for the children.

In addition to women not being allowed, visitors to the park must go through a pat down at the door before being admitted.

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