Though the three major New York area airports have undergone some recent improvements, they still lag behind most other major U.S. airports in available amenities, according to a report released last week by Global Gateway Alliance and reported by NBC News.

Global Gateway Alliance, an advocacy group, released the report with the goal of drawing attention to the problems these airports face. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey operate them. They serve approximately 110 million passengers every year.

The New York area airports were compared to 15 different amenities available at 15 major U.S. airports.

"Since millions of people are spending so much more time in airports, we want airlines and airport operators to think not just about how to move more planes and passengers, but how to provide a better experience as well," Joe Sitt, the chairman for Global Gateway Alliance, told NBC News.

Among the missing amenities are dry cleaners, outdoor areas and gym and fitness centers. The amenities that are easily available include shoeshine facilities, spas, prayer and meditation rooms and post offices and mail services. 

The area airports received among the lowest scores for airport amenities, with La Guardia Airport in particular scoring the lowest, with just one amenity, a shoe shine facilities, while Dallas-Fort Worth, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare and San Francisco International airports all received the highest scores.

"At New York's airports in particular, quality passenger amenities must go hand in hand with terminal modernization if we really want to rebuild the best airports in the nation and the world, and make them an ongoing economic engine," Sitt said.

Industry experts did find some high points at the New York airports, however.

"Take Delta air Lines' award-winning Sky Deck terrace at New york JFK Terminal four and OTG Management's iPad ordering system at New York LaGuardia," Mary Kirby, the founder of Runway Girl Network, told NBC. "These innovations underscore the fact that some airlines and vendors are making a concerted effort to improve the passenger experience on the ground.

"New York airports are not standing still," she continued.