For those in the market for a vacation home, there are two new online resources that can help streamline the process of finding the home and getting the best price, according to ABC News.

One of these sites is Tansler, which is a variation on home sharing. The site allows travelers to set a price for a short-term rental in a particular market, and then multiple owners can choose whether to accept the offer or not.

"We sought to create a real-time marketplace that is driven by the renter's price," Jeremy Bernard, the CEO of Tansler, said to ABC News. "It saves time for both sides and provides an opportunity to save money."

This allows a renter to submit one offer and have multiple recipients for that offer. The owners have 24 hours to decide whether they want to accept the offer or not. Once a property owner decides to accept the offer, it is effectively over and the agreement then becomes binding between the two parties involved. Renters usually receive a discount of up to 60 percent off the stated rental price.

"We want to avoid giving the owner a ridiculously low offer," Bernard said, referring to various algorithms that are in place to prevent low-ball offers. "If you're offering $50, you won't see a property that is typically listed at $500."

However, the service doesn't only cover luxury accommodations.

"We're catering to all ends of the spectrum, whether it be a walk-up studio in London or a luxury chateau in Aspen, consumers want to save money and owners would like to save time and streamline the process," Bernard said.

Tansler was just launched last Tuesday and currently has the highest concentration of listings in Orlando, London and Aspen. However, Bernard expects that to change quickly. There is a three percent service fee charged to owners and a six percent fee charged to renters. The service is a low-cost way for renters and travelers to connect with greater convenience.