An Apple event being held in San Francisco today is expected to feature new versions of the popular iPad, according to the Associated Press.

The expectation is that the new iPads will be remodeled versions of the standard sized iPad at 10-inches and the mini iPad, at eight inches. Apple hasn't yet shared any information about what to expect, however.

"We still have a lot to cover," read the invitations sent out by the company.

Even without Apple sharing any information, there have been videos posted online showing the newly designed iPads, including some of the same web sites that provided the earliest looks at the new iPhone that was released last month.

The iPad debuted in 2010 and a new version would mark the fifth generation of the tablet device.

The unofficial previews look like the new release will feature a thinner, lighter iPad with slimmer sides and curves. Apple is also expected to announce a new version of their smart covers, the detachable polyurethane covers that protect the screen, to go with the newly designed devices.

A high-definition "Retina Display" is also expected to be announced so the company can remain competitive with tablets sold by Google and Amazon. The new iPads will likely run on iOS7, the latest release of Apple's operating system.

Another possible new addition is a biometric sensor that lets users log in to their device with their fingerprint, a feature that is already on the newest iPhones.

Prices on the standard size iPad usually start at $499 and the mini iPad usually starts at $329. Apple is known for keeping the prices the same with new releases.

A new version of the iPad could mark the end of the iPad 2, which Apple currently sells as a discount tablet with a starting price of $399.

An Apple conference in June also showed previews of the Maverick operating system for Mac computers and a redone MacBook Pro, both of which are also expected to be included in the announcement.

Video sneak peek of the new possible changes to the iPad.