A new bike, car hybrid called ELF is making waves in the U.S. The car is also called "Organic Transit Vehicle" can go for 1,800 miles on the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline, reported Fox News.

"It reminds me of when I saw a Smart car the first time," said Joanne Bury to Fox News who owns The Elf. "This is incredible. What is it?"

The vehicle doesn't need insurance or have the same repair and car maintenance costs of a normal car. The Elf runs off what it costs to charge the battery. Mark Stewart bought his ELF at Organic Transit, based in Durham for $5,000 base price. He picked it up himself from his home in Reston, Virginia to avoid the $1,000 delivery fee.

"I spent three days in the shop hanging with the guys there and learning the vehicle," Stewart said. "This is just an unsupported solo trip up here in a vehicle that nobody else really knows," he said to Fox News.

"The ELF can go up to 30 mph, combining pedal and electric power, and reach 20 mph on electric power alone," reported The AP.

"About 30 years ago I was working in the performance car industry working on Porsches and BMWs," said Organic Transit CEO Rob Cotter. "At the time the world record for a streamline bicycle was 55 mph by ground and I realize that those efficiencies are capable with one horsepower. I realized from a social, ethical and environmental standpoint that we're doing something drastically wrong."

"A combination of environmental catastrophes, high fuel costs, climate change and a migration of people moving to the cities all combined for a trend of people looking for an automotive alternative. But not everyone can fit a bicycle into their daily life," Cotter added to the AP..

Organic Transit has opened its second factory because of the demand. Now the company is working on their 75th bike, with more than 200 already sold or reserved with a deposit.