Pop star Britney Spears already has two sons but she shared that she wouldn't mind having another son. Spears has son Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6, and wrote on Twitter on Mother's Day,"I've got the two cutest boys in the world! Hope y'all are having as nice of a #mothersday as I am!"

USA Today reported that Spears did an interview with Extra's Mario Lopez and said she would like to have another girl.

"I have a girl," said Lopez, who has a daughter with pregnant wife Courtney Mazza. "I'm very jealous 'cause you have boys."

"Awww! I want a girl," said Spears to Lopez.

Britney added that her sons might be interested in getting into the entertainment industry at some point."They do like attention, so I think they would probably be good in the limelight. We're taking baby steps right now as far as agencies and stuff go, but they're little comedians, so we'll see," she said.

In January, Spear's broke off her engagement with Jason Trawick, who was once her agent. Spears was on the cover of the June issue of Shape magazine and is currently working on her album which will be produced by Will.i.am. They have collaborated before on singles like "Scream & Shout" which was on his "#willpower" album.

"[will] is so talented. He keeps it so fresh and so interesting," she said to The Los Angeles Times. "We've done like two songs so far, and we have so much fun in the studio."

Spears is gearing up for her Vegas show which is still in negotiations, reported The LA Times

"Yes, I am excited. I love Vegas any time I get to go there, so I'm pumped. I haven't done a show in a really long time, so it'll be fun," she said.