Three women have been arrested in Columbia, dressed as nuns, accused of hiding cocaine. CNN reported that the three women who wore nun habits and pretended to be nuns tried to sneak through Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport in the Caribbean island of San Andres Sunday.

The women ages 20, 32 and 37 were arriving from Bogota and each carried two kilos of cocaine underneath their clothing, reported police in a statement. CNN. reported that the women were recorded by video as police interrogated them and appeared nervous.

The Telegraph reported that Police Captain Oscar Davila said that the women's fabric did not match the tradition habits of genuine nuns. Later the women lost their habits in a video that showed them being escorted to police cars in normal clothes. They three women face charges of manufacturing and the bearing of narcotics as well as drug trafficking. Police said to CNN that the amount of drugs they were carrying would have been distributed in more than 60 thousand doses.

The chief of the island's judicial police said that the women had more than four pounds of cocaine strapped to eacho of their legs. Davila added to The Telegraph that the women broke down in tears when they were interrogated and spoke about their financial hardships.

The island of San Andres is off the coast of Nicaragua but belongs to Columbia. The island which is 50 kilometres south of Providencia and approximately 750 kilometres from mainland Columbia is also about 230 kilometres from Nicaragua. It is known for its stunning beaches and warm weather attractions. In 2000, it was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The island is also a well known route for smuggling cocaine from mainland Columbia. CNN reported that in recent years Columbia has made strides against drug trafficking but it still remains one of the top suppliers of cocaine.