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Louis Vuitton's New Travel Book Puts Artistic Spin on Tourism

Travelers Today       By    Maxine Wally

Updated: Apr 29, 2013 04:31 PM EDT

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In a marriage of travel and style, fashion house Louis Vuitton has released a series of travel books, which include city guides, and short stories by French writers.

This May, Vuitton will put out its newest addition to their cache of travel literature: Travel Book.

This book will be sold at Louis Vuitton stores the world over.

According to Forbes, this will be just one of four different pieces Vuitton has published in the last year.

Vuitton recently put out a handful of short stories in an anthology called The Trunk-all narratives were connected by the running theme of Vuitton's monogrammed steamer trunks, the suitcase that brought them to fame.

They also put out Louis Vuitton City Guides and the Travel Notebooks-the former: information and colorful stories on luxury travel. Meanwhile, the latter consists of scrapbooks authors put together dedicated to one destination.

Now, Travel Book will join the family of books the French luxury brand has released. Four different artists from variant countries were told to go to cities they had never been before, then log the experience through photos, illustration and story.

French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme went to New York City, while American artist Daniel Arsham opted for Easter Island. Illustrator Natsko Seki, who hails from Japan, toured London, England. Cheri Samba, from the Congo, went to Paris, France.

Each artist depicted their experience differently, but through their new eyes, drawings of the sights they saw echo the way a traveler feels in a brand new place.

Illustrations highlight special architecture, historic landmarks and give visual tours of the cities.

Even if you have been to Paris, New York, London, or even exotic Easter Island, the fresh take with which the artists convey their trips is one worth catching.

The four editions of the Travel Book are priced at $56 each.  

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