A single mother in Washington D.C. was fired from her job for selling Girl Scout cookies. Tracy Lewis said to MyFoxDC.com that she received no warning before she was fired from her job on Feb. 18. She said she was called into her boss' office while working at her job as a retail service manager for Bon Apetit which provides food service for American University.

Lewis said to MyFoxDC.com that her boss said that she was being fired for selling her 12-year-old daughter's Girl Scout cookies on campus out of her food cart. Lewis said she'd done this for years in a row and never been reprimanded for doing so.

"I had the cookies on a cart, and I would never ask anyone to buy them, " Lewis told MyFoxDC.com."But, if they wanted to buy some, I would sell them."

Lewis' boss says in the termination letter that she was fired for committing "gross misconduct by soliciting," and "operating a personal cash business selling Girl Scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy."

Lewis says she wasn't making money off the cookies and that it's "a volunteer position.I was just trying to help my daughter raise money for trips and stuff like that."

Girl Scout's website states, "Girl Scout Cookies are an icon of American culture. For nearly 100 years, Girl Scouts, with the enthusiastic support of their families, have helped ensure the success of the annual sale. From its earliest beginnings to its current popularity, selling Girl Scout Cookies has helped girls have fun, develop valuable life skills, and make their communities a better place."

The popular cookies include Tagalongs which are peanut butter patties covered in chocolate, Thin mints which are chocolate mint cookies covered in chocolate and Samoas which are macaroon like cookies covered in chocolate and caramel.