A man in New Jersey claims that a cure for insomnia promoted on "The Dr. Oz Show" left him with third degree burns on his feet.

The Associated Press reported that Frank Dietl filed a lawsuit against Dr. Oz to the state Supreme Court in Manhattan. He is claiming that he used a "knap-sack heated rice footsie" promoted by Dr. Oz which left him in bed for weeks and in pain.

Reportedly Dr. Oz recommended users to fill a pair of socks with uncooked rice then warm it up in the microwave then put them on. He said that if you leave them on for 20 minutes it would promote better sleep but warned not to get the socks too hot.

Dr. Oz explained it:

"You do this and lie for about 20 minutes with those socks on in bed. The heat will divert blood to your feet... When your feet get hot, guess what happens to your body? It gets cold. Your body will automatically adjust its core temperature and as it gets cooler, you're going to be able to sleep better because your body has to be cold in order to get sleepy."

"If you do this the right way," Oz said, "you'll be thanking me for years to come."

Mehmet Cengiz Oz, also know as Dr. Oz is an Turkish American cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality. He not only has is own show, "The Dr. Oz Show" but he's also appeared on myriad tv programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.

The Dr. Oz Show covers a variety of health-related and lifestyle topics. Today, March 19th the show was about Men called "Manology: The Secrets of How Men Think Revealed!"

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