Chef, writer, professional traveler Anthony Bourdain has a new series called, "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown." The show will premier on Sunday April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on CNN and feature Bourdain traveling around the globe to showcase little-known areas of the world and explore their food and dining rituals, in typical Bourdain fashion.

His TV show, "No Reservations" has already made him a household name and now he will take viewers on another visual journey.

"The premiere episode of the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown offers an inside look at Myanmar. In his maiden voyage to the country formerly known as Burma, Bourdain and his crew discover the fabled beauty and local cuisines of a country that had been, up until recently, off-limits to outsiders," reported CNN.

Future episodes will take viewers to Koreatown in Los Angeles, Tangier, Peru and the Congo amongst other locales.

 "People feel free, with a goofy American guy who has expressed interest only in their food and what they do for fun, to tell stories about themselves -- to let their guard down, to be and to reveal, on occasion, their truest selves," Bourdain wrote in an article on CNN, "I am not a journalist. I am not a foreign correspondent. I am, at best, an essayist and enthusiast. An amateur. I hope to show you what people are like at the table, at home, in their businesses, at play. And when and if, later, you read about or see the places I've been on the news, you'll have a better idea of who, exactly, lives there."

He added that his new tv show will be about culture, food and travel "as seen through the prism of food. We will learn along with you. When we look at familiar locations, we hope to look at them from a lesser-known perspective, examine aspects unfamiliar to most."

"I'm not saying that sitting down with people and sharing a plate is the answer to world peace. Not by a long shot. But it can't hurt," he added.