Super-sized mosquitoes are expected to land in areas of Florida in hordes this summer say scientists. The Daily Mail reported that the huge mosquitoes can be the size of a quarter which are 20 times larger than the common Asian tiger mosquito. They have also been described as aggressive and the scientists at the University of Florida say that they bread heavily during last year's tropical storms.

Entomologist Phil Kaufman who is an associate professor at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Scientists said th the Gainsville Sun that the bugs are "quite capable of biting through my shirt" and that it they can expect large numbers of the mosquitoes again this year.

The big mosquitoes are called Psorophora ciliata or Gallinipper mosquitoes and have the same black and white color pattern of the smaller Asian Tiger Mosquito. The Daily Mail reported that because the insects are so large normal insect repellent doesn't always work on them.

"We suggest people wear long-sleeve pants and shirts. Just doing that may not be enough for this type of mosquito; you're going to have use one of the insect repellants to dissuade them from landing,: he said reported The Daily Mail.

"Because of their size they are often able to withstand common repellants.

The hurricanes of last year brought large numbers of the insects to the Central and South Florida area which laid dormant eggs in the soil near ponds and streams.

Now scientists are predicting heavy rainfall will come again and cause the eggs to hatch - releasing the super-sized bugs in large numbers," reported The Daily Mail.

The bugs however, do not carry diseases that are dangerous to humans like other mosquitoes, reported The Daily Mail.

"Down near Paynes Prairie, you are more likely to have more numbers than Main Street Gainesville," Professor Kaufman added, reported The Daily Mail.

The female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite, while the males feed on flower nectar, other mosquito larvae and tadpoles.