One of the world's top restaurants has left more than 60 people sick. The Associated Press reported that Noma, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen has left people with viral gastroenteritis. Danish food safety officials have told Noma to cleanup and get better food handling.

The restaurant has hit the top spot on the list of Restaurant Magazine's best restaurants in the world three times.

"The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration said Friday it had investigated the popular, waterfront restaurant in Copenhagen after complaints from customers who had dined there during a week in February. It was not immediately clear what food had caused the infection," reported the AP.

Morten Lisby who works for the Danish Veterinary Food Administration said that the outbreak caused vomiting and diarrhea and infected a total of 63 people who ate at Noma between Feb. 12 and Feb. 16.

 The AP reported that the manager of Noma Peter Kreiner apologized and said they were trying to currently find out how the infection occurred.

"Our business is based on having satisfied customers here and we're incredibly sorry on behalf of our guests," Kreiner said to Danish TV2.

Noma's website states, "In an effort to shape our way of cooking, we look to our landscape and delve into our ingredients and culture, hoping to rediscover our history and shape our future."

The popular restaurant opened in 2004 with the chef Rene Redzepi. The products they use are fresh and locally sourced. The AP reported thata typical meal can cost up to $260 at the restaurant and reservations are often needed to be made months in advance.

Menu items include: Wild duck and pear, kale and beech leaves; pike perch and cabbages with verbena and dill.

Redzepi made the following statement on Noma's website:

"At noma, having happy and satisfied guests is paramount to our daily work and lives, and is our number one priority.

Unfortunately during week 7 (February 12th -16th) 2013, there were a number of cases where guests at noma where hit by Norovirus after their visit. It is a matter that deeply affects us all, and that we sincerely regret.

Since receiving the news, we have been working closely with the Danish Food & Drug Administration to find the source of the problem. As a result of our collaboration, we have determined the most likely cause of illness was Norovirus, which may have been brought in by a member of staff, who was symptom-free.

As a precaution the kitchen and restaurant have been deep cleaned several times following Health Inspection guidelines. This has been done on top of the overall cleaning, which takes place several times a day. Finally, all foods from week 7 were destroyed.

We have been in direct contact with all the customers affected.


Rene Redzepi"