An Indonesian woman's sneaky sick leave to Bali hit turbulence when she ran into her boss on the plane. Grace, who had faked a doctor's appointment, was caught off-guard at the gate when her boss jokingly asked, "Oh, so this is the hospital?" 

The awkward reunion, now a viral hit on TikTok, left them both laughing all the way to Bali.

Sick Leave Goes Wrong for Indonesian Woman, Meets Boss on Plane

(Photo : Omar Prestwich/Unsplash)

Sick Leave Plan Fails Spectacularly

Grace, a 23-year-old Indonesian freelancer, found herself in a comical debacle when her sick leave excuse for a quick trip to Bali crumbled in the face of an unexpected encounter. 

Grace had secured sick leave under the pretense of a doctor's appointment, only to run into her boss at the airport, both set to board the same flight to Bali.

The situation, ripe with irony, unfolded as Grace was lining up to board her plane. Her boss, who was also heading to Bali, recognized her instantly. He didn't confront her angrily but instead made light of the situation by jokingly questioning if they were at the hospital. 

This lighthearted jab defused what could have been a tense encounter.

Despite the initial shock, the pair managed to share a laugh and even engaged in conversation throughout the flight. This unexpected meeting turned into a viral story when Grace shared it on TikTok, capturing the attention of nearly 900,000 viewers who found humor in her predicament.

The incident has also provoked an internet wave of reactions, with many users on TikTok sharing their amusement and others relating similar experiences.

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Navigating Workplace Time Off

Taking a sick day when not actually ill might seem like a clever escape, but such a choice can unravel faster than a cheap sweater.

In the professional world, where honesty is the best policy, skipping work without a valid reason might land you more than just a disapproving glare from your boss.

Time off is the correct terminology, according to career coach and HR expert Arik Orbach, who explains one of the most basic misunderstandings regarding sick days versus personal days versus vacation days

In reality, these categories often blur into a flexible palette of options, obliterating the need for Oscar-worthy sick-day performances. 

Sick days, with no doctor's note, are more common in progressive places or small companies, says Orbach. However, it's always good to check your employee manual because there is nothing more unpleasant than the surprise of HR policies, except for birthday surprises.

The reason for time off must be watertight. Avoiding the office because you're just not in the mood for work is not good enough. But if you are veering uncomfortably close to burnout, a day off can be precisely what you need, short of doing what the doctor would order, metaphorically speaking. 

Orbach emphasizes how mental health must be treated equally to physical health-perhaps sometimes putting on your own oxygen mask first isn't just for air travel after all.

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