Frontier Airlines is celebrating its 30th birthday by offering an impressive deal: 100 one-way tickets for just $29 each. This special offer includes flights to popular destinations such as Atlanta, Denver, Orlando, and Las Vegas. 

The sale runs until the end of June 27, with travel available on 100 nonstop routes for select dates up to Nov. 13. However, there are blackout dates, particularly around holidays, and all reservations are non-refundable.

Frontier Airlines Celebrates 30th Birthday With $29 One-Way Fare Deals

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Frontier Airlines Celebrates 30th Year With Some Offers

Tyri Squyres, vice president of marketing at Frontier Airlines, said that over the years, Frontier customers have rewarded us with a loyalty that has fueled our growth to newer and more exciting destinations. 

According to Travel Pulse, Frontier Airlines has always been a budget-friendly airline, though it recently overhauled its product (and to some extent service) as "The New Frontier." This is part of a change to streamline pricing and offer travelers more choices, with no extra fees for changes or refunds.

Frontier Airlines has also rolled out a new cabin category, UpFront Plus. The first two rows of seats on the plane gained extra legroom and elbow room at no cost, and a guaranteed empty middle seat. 

Available now, the new seating option is intended to provide travelers with a more comfortable experience.

This is Frontier Airlines after all. Frontier boasts these enchanting offers and improvements while celebrating 30 years in the airline industry.

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How to Get a $30 Flight This Week?

Customers must purchase nonstop travel on Monday through Thursday or Saturday until November 13 in order to make a reservation. It is not necessary to purchase a round-trip ticket, but reservations must be made seven days in advance.

However, according to WPTV, there are some dates that you are not allowed, such as July 3 and 5-7, Aug. 29, Sept. 2-3, Oct. 10 and 14-15, and Nov. 7 and 11-12. Furthermore, not every market will be open on every trip date.

Frontier Airlines only sometimes considers refunds, yet some flights that are booked seven days before the departure can be refunded.

At Frontier Airlines, they believe everyone should have access to the sky. Their motto, "The Sky is for Everyone®," drives their mission to offer affordable flights that cater to each traveler's unique needs. 

With their approach of "Low Fares Done Right®," Frontier not only focuses on saving money but also on providing a travel experience that's easy, enjoyable, and fits any budget.

Frontier understands that every traveler has a different story and deserves a personalized journey. If you're reuniting with family, exploring new places, or sticking to a budget, Frontier is committed to making your travel straightforward and affordable.

Their 'Done Right' promise means they don't just offer low prices - they also strive to deliver excellent service and ensure your trip is comfortable and hassle-free. 

Frontier aims to be the airline that everyone can rely on, making sure every passenger feels welcomed and cared for from takeoff to landing.

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