We all wish to get married, right? But have you ever thought about how people tie the knot in different parts of the world? Every culture brings a unique spin to wedding traditions, turning a simple "I do" into a grand celebration packed with unbelievable customs.

Around the world, every tradition adds a dash of local flavor to weddings. 

You might find brides and grooms sawing logs in Germany as a symbol of overcoming life's challenges together, or attending a groom's surprising serenade to his bride the night before the wedding in Italy.  And, have you ever heard of a whale's tooth playing a crucial role in Fijian weddings?

These practices show proof of the diversity and beauty of cultures around the world. Here are the six incredible wedding traditions that will blow your mind!

6 Incredible Wedding Traditions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

(Photo : Olivia Bauso on Unsplash)

Germany: Log Sawing

Imagine attending a wedding where the couple grabs a saw immediately after saying their vows. That is exactly what happens in many German weddings. The bride and groom work together to saw through a log in front of all their guests. 

This demonstrates their ability to collaborate and face challenges together. It's a strong start to a marriage and certainly a memorable moment for everyone involved.

Fiji: Whale Tooth Presentation

In Fiji, wedding traditions take a distinctive turn with the presentation of a whale tooth. When a man proposes marriage, he must present a whale's tooth to the bride's father. 

This rare item symbolizes wealth and the groom's commitment to his future wife. It is a revered custom that shows deep respect and honor in Fijian culture.

India: Stealing the Shoes

Weddings in India are vibrant and filled with numerous festivities, including the fun tradition of Joota Chupai. During the ceremony, the bride's family steals the groom's shoes. He cannot leave without paying a ransom for their return. 

This playful tradition adds laughter to the day and helps both families bond over cheeky negotiations.

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Scotland: The Blackening

Before the wedding day in Scotland, there's one of the wedding traditions that might seem outrageous to outsiders. 

The couple is captured and covered in various substances like soot, flour, or even feathers. This tradition, known as the blackening, is believed to ward off evil spirits. It's messy, it's loud, and it's a whole lot of fun that signifies the community's involvement in the couple's life.

Ireland: Keep One Foot on the Ground During First Dance

In Ireland, there is a unique twist to the first dance that takes place at weddings. It is said that the bride must keep at least one foot on the ground at all times during this dance. 

This tradition stems from the belief that if both of her feet are off the ground, evil fairies will swoop in and steal her away. The custom adds an element of folklore and enchantment to the celebration, making it a memorable part of the ceremony. 

Guests often eagerly watch how the bride navigates this charming tradition.

Spain: Cutting the Tie

A quirky yet charming practice at some Spanish weddings involves the groom's tie. During the reception, friends of the groom cut his tie into small pieces. 

These are then sold to the guests. The money collected helps fund the couple's new life together. This tradition is a fun interaction and a great way to kickstart the newlyweds' financial journey.

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