Have you watched all three seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix? If you have not yet dived into this series, let me tell you, it is a thrilling ride through Regency-era high society filled with scandal, drama, and romance. 

6 Bridgerton Filming Locations You Can't Miss on Your Next UK Trip

(Photo : Netflix)

Now, if you are a fan, here is something exciting for you. You can actually visit the stunning locations where the Bridgerton family's story comes to life. From the grand palaces of London to the exquisite ballrooms of Bath, these sites are open for fans to explore and experience the series beyond the screen.

This travel blog will take you through six must-see spots across the UK that have starred in Bridgerton. Suppose you are planning your next trip or just dreaming about future adventures. In that case, these locations promise more than just a peek into the Bridgerton world-they offer a real slice of British history and breathtaking architecture.

Hampton Court Palace

When you step into Hampton Court Palace, you are walking on the same floors as the cast of Bridgerton. This majestic palace has served as a royal residence and now, a background for countless scenes in the series. 

You can wander through its impressive courtyards and expansive gardens, where history meets the dramatic flair of Bridgerton. Do not forget to check out the real tennis court and the famous maze. Both spots offer a taste of the royal leisure activities once enjoyed by the palace's illustrious inhabitants.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew Palace

6 Bridgerton Filming Locations You Can't Miss on Your Next UK Trip

(Photo : Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)

If you love Bridgerton for its scenic beauty, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew Palace will enchant you. This location is a botanical paradise and a site of numerous scenes from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. 

As you explore, you will discover the historic buildings and exotic plants that make Kew a top site for both tourists and filmmakers. It is the perfect place for a serene stroll or a thoughtful sit by the lake, where you might just feel like royalty yourself.

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Holbourne Museum, Bath

As you enter Bath, the Holbourne Museum, prominently featured as Lady Danbury's house in Bridgerton, awaits you. This architectural gem offers a perspective on art and history, housing collections that span centuries. 

The museum's façade and gardens often steal the spotlight in the series, representing the very essence of Regency aesthetics. It is a must-visit for fans wanting to connect with the elegance and grandeur depicted in the show.

Royal Crescent, Bath

The iconic Royal Crescent is another unmissable spot in Bath for Bridgerton fans. This sweeping crescent of Georgian townhouses has been the façade for the Featherington family home. 

As you walk along the crescent, you can admire the architectural beauty and the lush green front, perfect for a few snapshots. The site is breathtaking and offers a direct connection to the grand lifestyle shown in Bridgerton.

Castle Howard, York

6 Bridgerton Filming Locations You Can't Miss on Your Next UK Trip

(Photo : Tripadvisor)

Venture north to York and visit Castle Howard, the stand-in for Clyvedon Estate where Simon and Daphne spent their honeymoon. The grand estate, with its extensive gardens and ornate interiors, offers a real-life peek into the grandeur of the series. 

Here, you can enjoy a picnic or a concert, often set against the backgroundof music from Bridgerton. It is an experience that combines natural beauty with cultural richness.

Painshill Park, Surrey

Last but not least, make your way to Painshill Park in Surrey, where the lush settings provided the scene for the Featherington family picnic. This landscape garden was designed to form living paintings, and its beauty is undeniable. 

You can wander through the same paths and enjoy the serene views that made it into the series. Visiting here, you will understand why this location was chosen for its beautiful qualities that enhance the visual storytelling of Bridgerton.

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