As fun as traveling can be, it can also be a scary and unsafe experience at times, especially if you go to cities and countries with high theft rates. There have been many horror stories of travelers losing their wallets, passports, and even whole suitcases to pickpockets. 

Should you ever find yourself traveling to a place you don't feel wholly safe in, it is best to be prepared even before you get to your destination. When it comes to theft, there are anti-theft essentials you should have during your trip that will help keep your belongings safe. 

Here are five of them.

5 Anti-Theft Essentials You Should Have in Your Next Trip

(Photo : LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

Anti-Theft Bags 

First on the list are anti-theft bags, which are usually slash-resistant. It's recommended that you go for one that is also RFID blocking in order to protect your credit and debit cards. 

Anti-theft bags come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but it is likewise recommended to go for crossbody bags. This is so you can keep your possessions closer to your body and harder to steal. Thieves like bags that can be easily yanked away from you, so crossbody bags are more secure. 

Neck Wallet or Neck Pouch 

If you want to be extra careful, especially when it comes to your passport, cards, emergency cash, and IDs, you can opt to bring a neck wallet or neck pouch. This can be easily worn around your neck and tucked beneath your shirt for added security. 

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RFID Blocking Sleeves

Unfortunately, advancements in technology also means pickpockets can steal without having to physically take anything from you. This can be done through unlawfully scanning passports, credit and debit cards, and IDs. 

In order to prevent yourself from falling victim to this, you can secure your passports, cards, and identification by putting them in RFID-blocking sleeves. These are equipped with the capacity to shield your belongings from RFID signals and unwanted scanning. 

TSA Approved Locks

Keep your suitcases and large luggage secure by using locks to keep their contents secure. This can help deter thieves from even attempting to steal your possessions. 

It is recommended to make sure that the locks you use are approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It is often mentioned in the packaging if the locks are TSA-approved. 

Zipper Clips 

Pickpockets are often said to have magic hands. What this means is they can easily pull the zipper of your bags to open them without you ever noticing them. If you're worried about this, you can use zipper clips to make it hard for anyone to open your bag. 

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