Ryanair has announced cuts to its summer 2024 flight schedule after confirming that it will receive fewer Boeing 737-MAX8200 aircraft than planned. The low-cost carrier will reduce flight frequencies on approximately ten routes during the peak summer months. The decision comes as a result of delays in Boeing aircraft deliveries, which quality control issues have caused following a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines' Max-9.

Ryanair Forced to Scale Back Summer Schedule Amid Boeing Issues(Photo : Marty Sakin on Unsplash)

Ryanair Cuts Summer 2024 Flights Due to Boeing 737 Delivery Delays

Ryanair, the budget airline, has decided to slash its summer 2024 flight schedule due to delays in the delivery of Boeing 737-MAX8200 aircraft. The company had initially expected to receive 57 of these planes by the end of June 2024 but will now only get 40.

As a consequence, Ryanair will reduce the frequency of flights on about ten routes during the peak summer season from July to September. However, the airline clarified that it would not eliminate any new routes from its current schedule. Instead, it will adjust frequencies on existing routes.

Business Travel News reported that CEO Michael O'Leary expressed disappointment at the Boeing delivery delays but assured that the company was working closely with Boeing to expedite the process. He also mentioned that Ryanair had already implemented schedule cuts at certain airports with high operating costs, such as Dublin, Milan Malpensa, and four airports in Portugal.

The delays in Boeing deliveries are attributed to a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines' Max-9, which experienced a fuselage blowout. Following this incident, US regulators have been scrutinizing Boeing's quality control procedures.

As a result of the schedule changes, Ryanair's annual passenger forecast is expected to drop to just under 200 million, compared to the previous goal of 205 million for the fiscal year ending March 2025.

O'Leary also highlighted concerns about potential fare increases due to aircraft shortages, especially since competitors like Wizz Air and Lufthansa have had to ground some of their Airbus A320 aircraft for engine inspections.

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Ryanair Warns of Higher Summer Prices

This summer, travelers flying with Ryanair should prepare for higher ticket prices. The airline has announced that the cost of flights will go up because they are getting fewer new Boeing 737 planes than expected. This means Ryanair won't have as many seats to sell.

O'Leary, said that the delivery of these new planes is behind schedule. Because of this, as per Euronews, they will have to fly with fewer planes during the busy summer season. He mentioned that prices could go up by as much as 10%.

The delay is partly due to Boeing having to check their planes more carefully after an incident earlier this year. This has made the process of getting new planes ready slower.

O'Leary also pointed out that another problem affecting flight prices is with Airbus A320 planes used by other airlines. Some of these planes need to be checked and won't be flying, which means there will be even fewer seats available across Europe.

With fewer seats and plane problems, Ryanair and other airlines will likely charge more for tickets this summer. Travelers should plan ahead and be ready for these increases.

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