Antarctica21, a leader in small Antarctic expeditions, is set to introduce the Magellan Discoverer to its fleet in the 2026-27 season. The new ship, a sister to the Magellan Explorer, is designed for environmentally friendly travel and luxury. It will be built in Chile and offers unique fly-and-cruise trips to Antarctica.

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from the official website of Antarctica21)

Antarctica21 Announces New Expedition Ship for 2026-27 Antarctic Season

Antarctica21, known for its boutique Antarctic journeys, has announced a new addition to its fleet: the Magellan Discoverer. According to Breaking Travel News, this vessel is scheduled to join the company's offerings for the 2026-27 Antarctic season. The decision to build this ship came as more people became interested in Antarctica21's special fly and cruise expeditions, a travel method that the Chilean company started in 2003. 

These trips allow travelers to fly over the rough Drake Passage and directly join their ship in Antarctica.

The Magellan Discoverer, like its sister ship, the Magellan Explorer, will have a yacht-like design. It features bigger guest rooms with private balconies and a walking deck that gives a full view of the surrounding polar landscapes. The ship can take up to 76 guests on each trip and meets strict ice navigation standards.

This new ship supports environmental care. The report also stated that it has a system that recovers heat and meets high emission control standards. The Magellan Discoverer will have a dining area, meeting rooms, a lounge and bar, a gym, a science lab for research, a gift shop, and a sauna with wide windows.

Jaime Vásquez, President of Antarctica21, emphasized the ship's modern design and technology, which aligns with their commitment to sustainable and comfortable travel. The Magellan Discoverer will offer a unique travel experience in the Antarctic.

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Onboard, the ship has suites and cabins with king-size beds and private balconies, ensuring personal views of Antarctica. A hybrid-electric system will power the ship, promising a smooth journey. It will be built at the ASENAV shipyard in Chile, continuing Antarctica21's partnership with the shipyard.

Claudio Bobadilla, Fleet Director at Antarctica21, mentioned the enhancements based on their experience with the Magellan Explorer. The new ship aims to set new standards in expedition cruising and become a highlight in Antarctic tourism.

Orders New MAN Engines for Cruise Ship

Chilean shipbuilder ASENAV is building a new 94-meter cruise ship for Antarctica21. The ship, named 'Magellan Discoverer,' will be slightly larger than 'Magellan Explorer,' another Antarctica21 ship. It will use four MAN 6L21/31 Mk2 PLO GenSets, known for low fuel use and meeting strict environmental rules. These engines reduce harmful gases by up to 90%.

Antarctica21 chose these engines for their fuel efficiency and the excellent after-sales service of MAN Energy Solutions in Chile, shared by The Maritime Executive. The engines, made in India, can use different fuels and are ready for future green fuel options.

Antarctica21's partnership with MAN Energy Solutions shows trust in their technology. The new ship will help protect the environment while offering cruises. The 21/31 engine series, popular since 2001, has sold over 2,750 units. This latest order strengthens Antarctica21's commitment to sustainable cruising.

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