Inclusive Morocco, a leading LGBTQ-founded luxury travel company in Morocco, highlights unique ways to celebrate International Women's Day. The company supports female communities across Morocco, showcasing their top experiences for guests. These include artisanal workshops, beauty sessions, and social enterprises emphasizing women's roles in Moroccan culture and industry.

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Celebrating International Women's Day with Inclusive Morocco's Artisanal and Cultural Journeys

Inclusive Morocco, a pioneering travel company in Morocco, promotes special experiences for International Women's Day that honor and support women. This company, known for its luxury trips, strongly focuses on female-led initiatives throughout Morocco. They offer various activities that allow guests to explore and appreciate the country's rich heritage, all while uplifting women in the local communities.

A key attraction is the Anou Cooperative, a group of over 600 Moroccan artisans, predominantly women. Breaking Travel News says guests can engage in workshops like weaving in Fes's historic medina. This experience allows visitors to learn traditional Moroccan crafts and supports the artisans, who receive 80% of the sales from their products. The remaining income is reinvested into community training and employment, ensuring these crafts and the women behind them have a sustainable future.

Inclusive Morocco arranges interactive workshops for those interested in beauty in Fes, focusing on aromatherapy and holistic beauty techniques. These sessions are led by women, providing a genuine insight into traditional beauty practices while supporting the local female experts.

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Inclusive Morocco's itineraries also include visits to larger projects. One such experience is in Tizkmoudine village, home to Africa's first regenerative hospitality project. Run entirely by women, this project includes a cooperative that uses sustainable weaving techniques. Guests can immerse themselves in the local culture, learning from the women and observing their traditional heritage songs.

Another highlight is the Amal Centre in Marrakech, a non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged women through culinary and hospitality training. Visitors can enjoy Moroccan cuisine prepared by the women trained at the center, which also played a crucial role in providing meals during the 2023 earthquake in Marrakech and the High Atlas Mountains.

Wakanow, Moroccan National Tourist Office Partner to Improve Travel to Morocco

Wakanow, a top African travel technology company, has teamed up with the Moroccan National Tourist Office (MNTO) to enhance trips to Morocco. This partnership aims to show Africa Morocco's rich culture, history, and stunning scenery. As per PUNCH, Wakanow is excited to create unforgettable travel experiences that match MNTO's goal to make Morocco a leading African destination.

This collaboration will offer unique travel packages focusing on Morocco's ancient cities, delicious food, beautiful mountains and beaches, and exciting sports and festivals. Bayo Adedeji, Wakanow's CEO, sees this as more than a business deal; it's about bringing Moroccan culture closer to customers. Through this partnership, Adel El Fakir, MNTO's Director General, is also thrilled about promoting Morocco's diverse culture.

The initiative will start with special programs to showcase Morocco's beauty, from Marrakech's busy markets to the peaceful Atlas Mountains. This partnership underlines Wakanow's commitment to providing travel experiences rich in culture and authenticity, inviting travelers to discover Morocco in a new and memorable way.

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