In China, the National Museum of Classic Books recently opened an immersive exhibition hall focused on the Yongle Encyclopedia, a famous ancient Chinese encyclopedia. This innovative exhibition is part of China's push to enhance tourism through immersive and smart experiences, as outlined in a 2023 tourism plan by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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China Launches Immersive Cultural Exhibitions

China is revolutionizing the way people explore history and culture. At the National Museum of Classic Books, visitors can now dive into the past with an exciting new exhibition about the Yongle Encyclopedia. This isn't just any display - it's a high-tech journey through time and space, blending science fiction with digital technology.

The exhibition offers six different paths and four unique story endings, chosen by the visitors. This interactive approach brings China's traditional culture to life in a thrilling new way. According to Travel and Tour, it's part of a bigger trend in China, where immersive experiences like this are becoming really popular. Tourists now look for engaging activities like night tours, performances, and cultural visits that use cool tech like augmented reality and virtual reality.

In 2023, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a plan to boost tourism between 2023 and 2025. The plan focuses on creating smart, immersive tourist spots that blend digital features with cultural attractions. By using technology, these places aim to give visitors a deeper, more interactive experience.

China is leading the way with this kind of tourism. In fact, the government recently picked several projects to develop smart tourism and immersive experiences across the country. A third of these are related to culture and museums, including the Yongle Encyclopedia exhibition. Other notable projects include an immersive experience at the National Museum of China and a digital exhibition at the Dunhuang Academy.

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China Experiences Tourism Surge During Spring Festival Holiday

China recently celebrated a significant rise in tourism during its eight-day Spring Festival holiday. The country recorded an impressive 34.3% increase in domestic trips compared to last year, reaching 474 million. 

Xinhua News reported that this boost in travel resulted in substantial spending, with tourists shelling out approximately 632.7 billion yuan or about 89.07 billion U.S. dollars. This marks a remarkable 47.3% jump from the previous year's figures.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism revealed these figures, highlighting the country's recovering tourism sector. Besides domestic travel, China also saw a notable number of international tourists. Around 3.6 million people left China for trips abroad, while 3.23 million international tourists entered the country during the holiday period. This movement is partly due to easier travel policies like mutual visa exemptions between countries, which have helped both outbound and inbound tourism.

In addition to travel, the festival period was a time for cultural celebration. Across China, there were 16,300 commercial performances, attracting over 6.57 million people. These events generated 778 million yuan in revenue, showing increases of 52.1% and 80.09% in earnings and audience numbers, respectively, compared to last year.

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