Have you ever thought about exploring Europe in a way that's both adventurous and cozy? Well, 2024 is your year to jump on board the exciting world of Europe's new sleeper trains!

Sleeper trains in Europe are making a grand comeback, and they are nothing short of a traveler's dream. These trains offer a delightful alternative to the hustle of airports and the cramped spaces of buses.

What Makes Europe's New Sleeper Trains a Must-Try for 2024
(Photo : Simon Tartarotti on Unsplash)

The best part? You are not wasting a single moment. As you snooze, the train covers vast distances, making the most of your precious travel time. From the rolling hills of the countryside to the twinkling lights of distant cities, your journey through Europe becomes an uninterrupted adventure.

Here are the three new sleeper trains in Europe you must try instead of riding a plane. 

Vienna to Hamburg: Nightjet Sleeper Train

The Nightjet Sleeper Train, operated by the Austrian rail company ÖBB, is a fresh take on traditional sleeper trains. Set to launch in December, this route offers a convenient overnight journey from Vienna to Hamburg. What sets this train apart is its focus on safety and comfort, especially for solo female travelers. It introduces mini cabins with lockable doors, a feature not commonly found in most sleeper trains.

In terms of pricing, the Nightjet Sleeper Train provides various options to cater to different comfort levels and budgets. The fares range from approximately $44 to $125 per person. Each cabin is equipped with essential amenities like a sheet, blanket, pillow, some storage space, and portable USB outlets, ensuring a comfortable journey. The train's design and services are tailored to meet the needs of modern travelers, providing a balance of security, convenience, and affordability.

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Paris to Berlin: ÖBB's Nightjet Expansion

ÖBB extends its Nightjet service with another appealing route, connecting Paris and Berlin. This sleeper train journey is not just about getting from one city to another; it's about experiencing the charm of train travel through Europe. The journey includes stops at Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Erfurt, and Berlin Südkreuz, culminating at Berlin's main train station.

The train departs Paris at 7:12 pm and arrives in Berlin by 8:26 am the following day. This schedule ensures that travelers can maximize their time in Berlin, arriving fresh and ready to explore. Initially, the train will run three times a week, but plans are in place to increase this to daily service by autumn. This route exemplifies the convenience and efficiency of modern sleeper trains, offering a seamless travel experience through some of Europe's most iconic cities.

Brussels to Prague: European Sleeper's New Route

The third exciting addition to Europe's sleeper trains for 2024 is the Brussels to Prague route by the rail start-up European Sleeper. This service is set to begin on March 25, 2024, and is an extension of the existing Brussels to Berlin route. The journey promises to be a scenic one, with notable stops including Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Berlin.

While specific pricing details are yet to be announced, European Sleeper has confirmed that interrail tickets will be accepted, making it a convenient option for interrail pass holders. This route is particularly notable for its ambitious connection between Western and Eastern Europe, offering a unique overnight travel experience that spans a significant part of the continent.

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