Located in the heartland of Texas, Waco is a lively city with plenty of exciting attractions and activities to offer. From picturesque parks and historic museums to eclectic shopping venues, there's no shortage of things to do or selfies to smile for. And while a Waco dentist probably isn't one of your preferred tourist locations, fall is a popular time to experience the sites and photograph precious memories, whether you're a local or just visiting the city. Here's a guide to several must-see destinations in Waco as the weather starts to cool down:

McLane Stadium

Football season goes hand in hand with fall, making it the perfect time of year to catch a game at McLane Stadium. Home to the Baylor University Bears football team, the stadium is an excellent destination for fans and visitors alike. Built in 2014, this state-of-the-art football venue features a range of concession options and gift shops. Watch the game from the stands and take in breathtaking views of the Brazos River, which is located right next to the stadium.

Cameron Park

Cameron Park is a must-see Waco destination as the leaves start to change. Boasting over 400 acres of space and overlooking the Brazos and Bosque rivers, the park features scenic overlooks, around 20 miles of trails, and multiple playgrounds. Adventurers can mountain bike through the multi-use trails, while nature lovers can explore the wooded areas or visit the wildflower garden. Whether you're stopping by on your own or bringing the whole family, Cameron Park offers fun for everyone.

Magnolia Market at the Silos

If you're looking to spend the day shopping, be sure to check out Magnolia Market at the Silos. One of Waco's main attractions, this shopping area is owned by Joanna and Chip Gaines, TV personalities who starred in HGTV's "Fixer Upper" series. Magnolia Market shops feature a variety of products, including home décor, garden supplies, apparel, and gifts.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Learn about the oldest major soda brand in the country at the Dr. Pepper Museum, situated in a historic bottling factory. History buffs can take a tour or explore the exhibits on their own. Additionally, the museum features the interactive Liquid Lab, where you can create your own soda flavor or watch a live demonstration about the science of soft drinks.

Lake Waco

If you want to spend a day in the sun, look no further than Lake Waco. Originally built to prevent flooding and provide the city with a water source, this artificial lake is also the perfect destination for outdoor activities. Additionally, Lake Waco is surrounded by several parks, many of which have free entry. Visitors and residents can enjoy boating, hiking, hunting, fishing, and swimming in and around the lake.

Check Out These Waco Destinations

With its unique attractions and scenic outdoor spaces, Waco is the ideal place to be this fall. From McLane Stadium to Lake Waco, make sure these must-see spots are part of your itinerary while you're in the city. While there are plenty of opportunities to explore and have fun, you should make sure your health is in good shape beforehand. Don't hesitate to visit a general practitioner if you feel a cold coming on or get that root canal procedure completed before snapping any photos so you'll look and feel your best during your adventures. After all of that, though, check out these destinations and see all that Waco has to offer!