Walking through Budapest, the New York Cafe will catch your eye. It is a significant historical site beyond just a coffee place. Opened in 1894, it is a remarkable piece of Hungary's cultural and historical legacy. You find a space where history and elegance are beautifully combined as you enter.

Visit the Iconic New York Cafe in Budapest and See What's Inside this Luxurious Spot
(Photo : unserekleinemaus from Pixabay)

Over the years, this cafe has become a preferred spot for everyone. You can feel its importance as a cultural beacon in every corner. The New York Cafe is active in Budapest's cultural story, not just as a background.

You will be amazed by the beautiful frescoes on the ceilings and the opulent, golden interiors that remind you of past elegance. 

History of the New York Cafe in Budapest

At the beginning of the 20th century, Budapest's New York Cafe (New York Kávéház) was renowned for its stunning beauty and popularity. It was the favorite spot for many writers and editors, and it even hosted the editing of some of the city's most influential newspapers right upstairs in its gallery. 

However, following World War II, this once illustrious cafe experienced a decline and was repurposed as a sports goods store. Although it reopened in 1954 with a new name, Hungária, it wasn't until 2006 that the café was returned to its former glory.

According to its website, today, housed in the grand New York Palace, which opened on Oct. 23, 1894, in a majestic Italian Renaissance style, the café is now part of a luxurious hotel. This includes a restaurant and the Nyugat bar. As you explore the menu, you will find it reflects the diverse cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You can enjoy classic meals such as Beef Goulash, Fishermen's Soup, Paprika Chicken Legs, Wiener Schnitzel, and Grilled Foie Gras.

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Explore the Interior and Offerings of New York Cafe

Entering New York Cafe in Budapest, you are greeted by an impressive scene. This renowned café boasts a mix of Italian Renaissance style with modern touches. Look up to see the ceilings decorated with beautiful paintings and gold stucco work, adding a sense of elegance and history.

The atmosphere in New York Cafe is as wonderful as its design. Gentle classical music plays in the background, adding to the sophisticated feel. The cafe offers various seating options for all visits, whether for business or relaxation. The warm lighting highlights the marble columns and rich woodwork, showing the café's care in creating a welcoming space.

Visit the Iconic New York Cafe in Budapest and See What's Inside this Luxurious Spot
(Photo : from New York Café Budapest)

The menu at New York Cafe is a highlight. Enjoy traditional Hungarian pastries, showcasing the country's cooking traditions. The chefs here focus on dishes that look and taste great. Try a classic coffee or a dessert, especially the famous Dobos Torta or Esterházy cake, best enjoyed with coffee or tea.

Additional Tips 

The New York Cafe sits prominently on Budapest's Grand Boulevard. This cafe is conveniently accessible, just a brief stroll from the Blaha Lujza Square metro station, served by the M2 metro line. This makes it easy to reach from key points like Deak Ferenc Square, Astoria, and Keleti station.

Additionally, the cafe is positioned along the 4-6 tram line that encircles the city along the Grand Boulevard, further enhancing its accessibility. For those using Budapest's public transport system, a ticket will cost around 350 Hungarian Forint.

For those who prefer walking, the cafe is conveniently located a short distance from the Jewish District and the famous Andrassy Avenue.

The New York Cafe welcomes guests every day from 8 am to midnight. If you aim for breakfast or brunch, they serve these morning delights from 8 am until 11 am. To get the best experience and avoid waiting, consider visiting the cafe around 9 am or late afternoon. You can also plan ahead by making a reservation, ensuring a hassle-free visit to this popular spot.

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