If you are looking for great dive spots in Asia, Timor-Leste's Atauro Island will undoubtedly make the list. It is home to a number of dive sites that offer a peek at its diverse marine life. These dive sites include Haruina, Watuai, the Coral Garden, Adara Wall, and Vila. 

But for those who are not into diving, this picturesque island still has much to offer, especially when it comes to nature and culture. Here are some of them. 

Arts and Crafts

Shopping for souvenirs are on the to-do list of most, if not all, travelers out there. Those visiting Atauro Island will not have a shortage of souvenirs in the form of the different arts and crafts that its communities specialize in. 

Among their famous products are wood carvings, woven mats and baskets, embroidered bags, and even musical instruments. These can be found in artisan shops, weekly markets, and co-operative shops. 


It is hard to not spend a significant amount of time at Atauro Island's beaches simply because there are a number of them. They're all breathtakingly beautiful as well. 

Among the beaches that can be found in Atauro Island are Akrema Beach, Bikeli Beach, Biloi Beach, and Iliana Beach.  

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The Cave of Our Lady Mary

A religious site set up by both Protestant and Catholic believer, the Cave of Our Lady Mary can be found on a hill. To get there, you'll have to head to the town of Vila and hike for an hour. 

Don't worry as that one-hour hike already is already a round trip! 

Manucoco Peak

The highest point of Atauro Island, Manucoco Peak is 995 meters above sea level. A mountain considered sacred by the locals, those who are interested to hike and reach the peak must do so with a guide. 

It is likewise a good place to do some bird watching. This is because 14 restricted-range bird species call the place their home.

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